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Afrika International Festival

Thursday 17th to Sunday 20th July will see the ‘Afrika International Festival’ in Tübingen.  The Festival is the largest cultural and business rendez-vous in southern Germany, bringing people together regardless of their countries of origin, religious background, gender or status. …

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Remittances in Somalia

We Must Break Money Transfer Monopolies in Africa, Says WorldRemit

LONDON. May 9, 2014 Following today’s launch of the 2014 Africa Progress Panel report, Dr Ismail Ahmed, CEO of WorldRemit and former adviser to the United Nations, called for regulators around the world to take action against the anti-competitive business and lobbying…

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First Phase Digital

SkyPower Global and FAS Energy to Build 3,000 MW of Solar Power in Nigeria

ABUJA, Nigeria. May 9, 2014:  SkyPower FAS Energy signed agreements with both the Federal Republic of Nigeria Government and the Delta State of Nigeria Government for the development of 3,000 megawatts (MW) of utility-scale solar photovoltaic (PV) projects within Nigeria…

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Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon visited MDG Project in Mbalmayo.  He was shown a water purification process and visited a radio station

Grassroots democracy in Cameroon

A new  paper by the Africa research institute looks at grassroots democracy in action in Cameroon, one of Africa’s oldest dictatorships. The paper describes how citizens, local mayors and a society of booklovers have worked together to establish participatory budgeting…

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Adam Freeman.  Photo credit:  Graeme Robertson

Adam Freeman joins Bloomberg Media

On 19th May it was announced that Adam Freeman, who previously worked at the Guardian, driving the digital transformation of its print brands and expansion of its global commercial operations, has been appointed Managing Director of Bloomberg Media for Europe,…

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