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Africa Best Practices Forum

The first Africa Best Practices Forum opened on 26th February in Lomé. Organised jointly by Ellipse Communication and the specialised recruitment agency AfricSearch, this forum brings together economic and political decision-makers to promote the dissemination of best practices. “This forum…

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Ecobank Group CEO Albert Essien

Ecobank: Engage with Africa on a long-term basis

Ecobank Group CEO Albert Essien gave the keynote address in Munich on 25th Feburary at the 4th Conference on Managing Risk in Africa. Mr Essien offered strategies for managing risk in Africa’s growth markets. Against the backdrop of what he…

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UK: Austerity bites

Austerity Bites Fiscal Lessons from the British General Election By Jonathan Hopkin and Mark Blyth This May’s general election wins for British Prime Minister David Cameron and his Conservative Party confounded opinion pollsters and surely surprised Cameron himself. Despite presiding over…

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