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Dr Samura Kamara in 2014

Sierra Leone budget

What Sierra Leone’s budget did not say The Ebola outbreak last year seriously dented the country’s economic outlook. Now as the fightback begins to resuscitate the economy, those in charge of the country’s finances should be more open about the…

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IB Kargbo

Korthor IB: Guilty or not Guilty?

The Lebanese waste saga.  On the serious count of false pretence: guilty!  He presented himself as an adviser to the President, on that 7th of January letter when in fact, he was not.  He was and is a Member of Parliament. …

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Back to the Future

Prime Minister in Sierra Leone: After more than 40 years of a presidential political system, the country is set to return to a political regime under which a prime minister will have executive powers – as was the case in…

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