Advertising rates

The magazine

New Africa Analysis was launched in 2008 with the aim of providing a balanced, analytical account of current African news and affairs. Our goal is to promote the positive progress being made on the continent, which is dependent on a strong anti-corruption agenda, good governance and accountability and democratic representation – major themes in the magazine. The layout, design, editorial and scope are of high quality and, although we are incredibly proud of what we have already achieved, we are always looking for ways to improve and develop the magazine.

We want to provide the best possible coverage to the highest possible clientele. Our editorial board consists of a number of highly regarded individuals with a great deal of expertise in Africa. This gives us a unique and informed perspective. With the help of this team and our growing number of correspondents within the continent New Africa Analysis has a strong and credible presence. As a monthly publication we keep our readers up to date with current news and events through regular updates to our website, while providing longer, in-depth analytical features that scrutinise the underlying issues behind the news in our magazine.

The readers

New Africa Analysis targets a readership at the upper end of the market. It is formed largely by the new African middle class, and as a result our product reaches key decision-makers in national governments, NGOs and the leaders of Africa’s expanding private sector, as well as interested individuals around the world. They are business people, opinion formers, influencers and academics who share our view that Africa has come of age and who are in a position to help drive the continent into prosperity

The market

The African continent has nearly one billion people and some of the fastest growing markets in the world. Over 100 million middle -class consumers across Africa are now buying prestige cars, making financial investments, running companies, travelling internationally and have large disposable incomes. What’s more they are increasingly looking for investment and development opportunities within their own countries, and New Africa Analysis is uniquely positioned to help advertisers target the kind of people able to get projects in Africa up and running.

The distribution

Our current print run is 15,000, which includes 10,000 for South Africa and 5,000 for the UK, Nigeria and Sierra Leone. We envisage significant expansion of these numbers as we extend our reach in the months ahead. The magazine is distributed by Menzies in the UK and Media 24 trading as On The Dot in South Africa, where it is sold in large retailers such as CNA including CNA Airports and Spar branches. We are also extending to a number of African countries.

Advertising rates: SA Rand (R)

DPS £4,395

Full page £2,195

Half-page £1,195

Quarter-page £ 695

Inside Front Cover £2,795

Outside Back Cover £3,195

Inside Back Cover £2,795

Mechanical Data

Display Type Area Trim Size Bleed Size

(depth x width) (depth x width) (depth x width)

Double Page Spread 245mm x 390mm 275mm x 420mm 281mm x 426mm

A4 245mm x 180mm 275mm x 210mm 281mm x 216mm

Half A4 Horizontal 117mm x 180mm

Half A4 Vertical 245mm x 85mm

Quarter A4 117mm x 85mm

Copy requirements

Application files:

Adobe Indesign with all support

files and fonts included.


TIFF, JPEG and EPS formats. Resolution

should be 300dpi at the size to be published.

Colour pictures should be saved as

CMYK and mono pictures as greyscale.

PDF files:

Distil using Acrobat 4 or higher with compression set at the highest quality, all fonts embedded.

To reflect our commitment to helping bring about positive change in Africa, we offer generous discounts for educational institutions, charitable organizations and NGO’s. For companies that place adverts in three or more issues, either consecutively or alternately we can provide a reduction to our advertised rates


Banner advertising is available at the top and on the side bars of the website for a period of one calendar month.

Banner size: The advert can occupy an area of 728 x 90 pixels.

Please contact us for latest dimensions. Rates: £750 per month – Home page £800 per month – Headlines/Latest News £850 per month – Editor’s Blog Joint rates are available to advertiser taken advertising in the magazine and on line during the same period. Please contact us for further details.

Format: Flash, GIF (static or animated) or JPEG (we prefer Flash) Please remember with Flash format advertisements that the target URL must be embedded in the file. Recommended file size: <50kB for maximum visibility.

All rates exclusive of VAT Agency discount : Less 15% Publication date : 2nd week of publication cover date Copy deadline : See schedule

Cancellation: Any cancellation must be made in writing for the attention of the Advertisement Manager, six weeks prior to the publication date