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Africa Fashion Week London

This year Africa Fashion Week London (AFWL) celebrated their fifth anniversary. So we sent our very own, Alexandra Coeln to witness the occasion from 7th – 8th August. Created by Ronke Ademiluyi in 2011, AFWL is Europe’s largest catwalk event…

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Koroma: Constitutional Review in interest of all

As members of the Constitutional Review Committee (CRC) continue their work of reviewing Sierra Leone’s 1991 Constitution, President Ernest Koroma, in this wide-ranging interview with Charles Davies, gives his views on the process that could have far-reaching political implications; talks…

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President Koroma in Germany 0211 AP

Comment: NAA interview with President Koroma

Not triumphalist but realistic was President Ernest Bai Koroma’s responses in our exclusive interview on a scorecard basis of his tenure thus far. In essence, he touched on the most exigent issues. From undeniable successes to shortcomings to areas that…

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DFID and the FOI question on half a million pound Ebola spend

In order to uncover the details of the UK government’s spend on Ebola, New Africa Analysis (NAA) posed a question to the Department for International Development, asking for a ‘full and detailed breakdown of how over £400 million was disbursed…

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Scandal of the English Premier League team kits

As if you haven’t noticed it. The English premier league 2015/16 is upon us. The excitement of the restart of hostilities aside, the side show that is not so much a side show these days is the kits production. From…

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Violence leads to increase in Nigerian refugees

The United Nations refugee agency expressed concern about the escalating violence in and around Nigeria and its impact on the situation of Nigerian refugees in surrounding host countries, including a shrinking humanitarian space in which they can seek asylum, as…

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Burundi: UN warns ‘spiralling out of control’

The situation in Burundi continues to deteriorate amid ongoing killings, arrests and detentions in the latest post-election turmoil to afflict the country, the United Nations human rights office has reported on 14th August. “We urge all sides to resume dialogue…

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Public Policy Maters Course

Public policy practitioners and students in Africa now have a chance to study a specialised masters course offered in twelve universities, and uniquely designed to meet the continent’s needs, which was launched in Nairobi, Kenya on 13th August. The Master…

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PwC report: African utility sector shines bright

Power utility companies and stakeholders across Africa anticipate a brighter and different outlook for the sector in the decade ahead, according to a new report from PwC. Fifty one senior power and utility sector executives from 15 African countries took…

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Nigeria: MOBOfree announces impressive growth

MOBOfree, the leading African social marketplace, today announced a 274% year-on-year increase in the total value of goods on their platform in Nigeria. The current value of goods is 1.97 billion USD (394 billion NGN), up from 526 million USD…

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