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Blumberg Grain Joins The Corporate Council on Africa (CCA)

by / Comments Off / 73 View / 12th June 2014

Blumberg Grain, a global leader in food safety and security, has joined The Corporate Council on Africa (CCA), the leading trade organization developing and strengthening business relationships between the United States and Africa, it was announced on 10th June.

Said David Blumberg, CEO of Blumberg Grain – West Africa, “CCA is a very effective organization, with breadth and depth of experience in Africa. We appreciate how effective participating in CCA conferences and events has been for our company and staff, and look forward to a continued close working relationship.”

Added Philip Blumberg, Chairman of Blumberg Grain’s parent Blumberg Capital Partners, “With our company’s plans to expand manufacturing into Egypt and Nigeria this is a particularly appropriate time to join CCA. The Council and its members are committed to the betterment of Africa by identifying and helping create business opportunities and strengthening ties between the US and Africa.”

Blumberg Grain works with farmers, agri-businesses, and governments throughout Africa, to deploy proprietary agricultural warehouse systems that dramatically reduce crop losses and increase food harvests for sale. Using state-of-the-art technology, Blumberg Grain storage systems shield harvests endangered by rain, rot, insects and other threats. In doing so, Blumberg Grain storage systems not only alleviate food shortages and hunger, but boost agricultural economies while at the same time creating thousands of new jobs through the development of warehouse manufacturing plants and export hubs.

Said Stephen Hayes, President and CEO of CCA: “We are very pleased to have Blumberg Grain, a global leader in food security, join The Corporate Council on Africa. We look forward to supporting Blumberg Grain in addressing the critical issue of high post-harvest losses across Africa.”