Convergence Africa Kenya 2015

Convergence Africa June 17th-19th 2015

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Recognizing Africa as the next global economic growth factory, Exhibitions India
Group (EIG) is now expanding operations into overseas markets, and will bring
‘Convergence India’ series of expositions to Africa working together with Nairobi
based Africa EXPOS as “convergence Africa World 2015” at the Oshwal Centre in
Nairobi, Kenya on June 17th-19th.
A first of its kind in Africa, the three-day exhibition and conference will showcase
the convergence of Telecoms, Media, Broadcast and IT industries. The convergence
has attracted over 100 exhibitors and top executives from across the globe,
resulting in B2B contacts, joint ventures, technology transfers, and financial
investments, presenting arguably the most comprehensive one-stop shop in Africa.
Some of the companies exhibiting at Converge World Africa include ERICCSON,
Airtel, Media Guru, River Silica Technologies Pvt. Ltd, Matrix Comsec Pvt. LTD,
Conax AS, Horizon Broadcast Electronics Pvt. Ltd, ABOX42 GmbH, and Birla Ericsson
Optical Limited.
Africa is an extremely lucrative market for exploring business tie-ups and business
opportunities. Furthermore, the Information Technology sector is growing leaps
and bounds in Africa
“Convergence Africa World 2015 Expo is full of opportunities, and a must-attend for
anyone who wants to break into or confirm their positions in the Telecoms, Media &
ICT industry in Africa,” said S.J Singh, president of Exhibitions India Pvt Ltd.
Sessions will focus on key topics such as sustained economic growth in Africa,
Driving a new wave for e-commerce, media, education for a connected Africa, IT
security, pay TV, cloud & big data and the evolution of television in Africa.
“By virtue of being involved with this industry for over 26 years and having access
to vast global resources and contacts we have embarked on this mission to present
the same resources to Africa that we have provided in our own country as we
foresee immense potential in Africa which industries can leverage for their benefit,”
said Prehn Behl, Chairman, Exhibitions India Pvt Ltd.
Researchers have predicted that internet use on mobile phones in Africa will
increase 20-fold in the past five years- double the rate of growth in the rest of the
world. Growth in Africa’s technology space is rapidly changing the content’s
macroeconomic landscape. Most African governments are embracing wide-ranging
communication solutions for voice, data & video, increasing internet access, and
making IT a crucial plank for their development plans.
The flagship event Convergence India was credited as South Asia’s biggest telecom,
broadcast and digital media event and is hoping to duplicate the same level of
success in Nairobi.