Denel – vital to promoting stability and peace

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Denel, Africa’s leading provider of defence and security technology, is constantly expanding the range of products and services it is offering to countries and clients on the continent.

Its ability to meet the comprehensive landward defence needs of clients is supported by more than five decades of experience in research and development and a thorough understanding of the African defence environment.

“We have a strong presence at Land Forces East Africa 2014 because this is the primary forum to meet with defence decision-makers on the continent, share information about our products and ascertain the trends that will determine future product development,” says Riaz Saloojee, the Group Chief Executive of Denel.

He agrees with the United Republic of Tanzania’s President, Mr Jakaya Kikwete, that most conflicts on the continent are currently managed and resolved by Africans themselves through mechanisms and initiatives of the African Union or regional groupings.

As a defence company with its roots firmly in the African soil Denel strongly supports the AU’s objectives, especially “to promote peace, security and stability on the continent.”

Mr Saloojee says Denel’s understanding of the continent’s defence requirements and its ability to support and maintain systems and products in any country on the continent makes it the most cost effective partner for national or multinational defence forces.

Products and systems developed by Denel already support the deployment of African forces in peacekeeping and enforcement operations in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Soldiers from South Africa, using equipment provided by Denel, often operate side-by-side with forces from East African countries such as Tanzania and Kenya.

Denel Mechem, a division of the state-owned South African company is a global leader in humanitarian demining and one of the few companies accredited by the United Nations to perform this vital service. The detection and removal of landmines and explosive remnants of war are essential in stabilising communities in post-conflict regions and Denel Mechem has been a proud member of multinational clearance teams in 11 African countries.

An important element of this task is education to create awareness among communities – especially young children – about the dangers associated with these deadly devices and to enable them to identify them and report their location to the demining experts.

Mr Saloojee says Denel wants to work with the defence communities in East Africa to develop technology and products which can meet their specific Research and Development is the lifeblood of Denel’s activities and a growing portion of its budget is being allocated to the future application of its products and services outside the conventional defence environment.

Already, technology developed by Denel, is being used to combat piracy along the East Coast of Africa, protect the region’s precious natural resources, combat rhino and elephant poaching and address the scourge of drug smuggling.

“These are some of the services that Denel as a high-technology group can offer countries in the region and we will use Land Forces East Africa 2014 to gain a greater understanding of the local defence and security environment,” says Mr Saloojee.


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