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East Africa

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Sudan/South Sudan

THE United Nations peacekeeping chief had warned that the lack of progress on outstanding issues between Sudan and South Sudan is having a negative impact on the stability of the latter, putting at risk the progress made since it gained independence from the former in 2011.

‘Lack of progress in resolving the outstanding security, economic and political issues between the two countries continued to directly impact stability and security inside the country, at the expense of efforts and investments towards peacebuilding and state-building activities and the delivery of essential service delivery to its citizens,’ Under-Secretary-General for Peacekeeping Operations Hervé Ladsous told the Security Council.

South Sudan became independent from Sudan in July last year, six years after the signing of the peace agreement that ended decades of warfare between the north and the south. However, the peace between the two countries has been threatened recently by clashes along their common border and outstanding post-independence issues that have yet to be resolved.


A case challenging the eligibility of Kenyan Deputy Prime Minister Uhuru Kenyatta and MP William Ruto to contest the presidency has been withdrawn. Civil society activists who had brought up the matter told the court that the issue of integrity could not be addressed fully if other presidential aspirants were not part of the lawsuit.

Describing their decision to drop the petition as ‘tactical’, the activists said they would file ‘the mother of all petitions’ that would encompass all politicians seeking the presidency.

The group said this would address the issue of integrity once and for all.

East African Community

PRESIDENT Yoweri Museveni last month took over leadership of the East African Community Heads of State Summit in Nairobi, not long after assuming the rotational chairmanship of COMESA for one year. Museveni is the sole remaining founder member of the EAC.

The summit’s membership has since grown to include Presidents Paul Kagame of Rwanda and Pierre Nkurunziza of Burundi. During Museveni’s tenure the leaders will have to decide whether South Sudan and Somalia become the bloc’s newest members.