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Korthor IB: Guilty or not Guilty?

by / Comments Off / 310 View / 28th January 2016

The Lebanese waste saga.  On the serious count of false pretence: guilty!  He presented himself as an adviser to the President, on that 7th of January letter when in fact, he was not.  He was and is a Member of Parliament.  On the count of accepting advantage, kickback or bribe, the jury is still out.  On the count of malicious and wilful intent to dump foreign unknown waster, (who is to say what the Lebanese would have sent here for waste, it could have been anything, even toxic waste and there would have been no verification, absolutely) the jury is still out on this one.

The Criminal Investigations Department are looking into the matter.  If there is any measure of decency left, just on the first count, that he is been found guilty of here, Korthor I B would bow out.  Or, as Korthor himself noted ‘the President has the final say on the matter’!