Nigeria: Seplat upgrades Oben Gas Plant

Nigeria: Seplat upgrades Oben Gas Plant

by / Comments Off / 508 View / 30th September 2012

Oil and gas company Seplat, has announced an upgrade to Oben Gas that will extend the plant life by another 20 years and achieve the West African Gas Pipeline (WAGP) specification, according to the company.

A planned shutdown of 90 metric million scufs (mmscf) per day Oben Gas plant , which began today, Monday 13th August, is the concluding part of the two-phase upgrade. During the first period of the upgrade, the Oben gas plant operated at 50% of installed capacity, while the second phase will be a total shutdown for 7days.

Seplat is the operator of the SEPLAT/NPDC Joint Venture. The Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of Seplat, Mr. Austin Avuru said that the plant upgrade is another testimony of the joint venture’s unwavering commitment to ensuring a long-term supply of abundant, clean, relatively cheaper fuel to end-users in Nigeria, Ghana, Togo and Benin.

According to Avuru, the upgrade is to provide additional outlet for its gas production in line with the federal government initiative to put an end to gas flaring in the upstream of the oil and gas industry and further monetise the gas resources of the nation .

‘We expect this upgrade to strategically position the NPDC/Seplat JV to maintain a steady supply of high quality gas for domestic obligations and neighbouring countries through the WAGP, thus helping to stimulate industrial production and growth and support economic integration in these sub-regional economies’, said Avuru.

During the period of the shutdown, a new control room will be hooked up and pre-fabricated meter run (with DOF on the sales gas line), valves and vortex flow meters amongst other equipment will be installed.