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Shots heard at Burkina Faso state TV

by / Comments Off / 65 View / 2nd November 2014

Burkina Faso’s state TV has gone off air shortly after gunshots were heard at its headquarters, as reported by the BBC on 2nd November.

Witnesses told the BBC soldiers fired in the air to disperse protesters before forcing journalists to flee.

Elsewhere in the capital, Ouagadougou, soldiers cleared thousands of demonstrators from a city square and barricaded the area.

The army seized power on Friday after long-time leader Blaise Compaore quit following days of protests.  The takeover brought global condemnation and prompted further protests.

Many thousands had gathered at various places around Ouagadougou on Sunday to demonstrate against the army.

The BBC’s Laeila Adjovi in Ouagadougou says crowds gathered at the state TV headquarters because they believed a popular opposition leader was about to announce that she was willing to lead the transition.  Shortly after, gunfire broke out and both staff and protesters fled.

Mass protests first erupted last week when long-time leader Mr Compaore attempted to extend his time in office.  Parts of parliament building were set on fire, and the president fled to Ivory Coast.

Analysts say high prices, low wages and persistent poverty have fuelled discontent, particularly among younger Burkinabes.

Credit:  BBC News

Photo credit: BBC News