The story of The Ethical Elephants

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Author Catherine Warrington in ‘The Story of the Ethical Elephants’ introduced us to the eight remaining elephants of the Noozoo, who are the only survivors of the herd after greedy humans took over their land, Afindica. This enchanting children’s book takes you on a journey of self discovery where each elephant represents one personality archetype drawn from the social sciences and homeopathy to highlight the positive potential of eight key ways of ‘being’ in the world. The elephants invite you on a mission to save their species and along the way each elephant encourages you to discover your inner elephant by reminding you that you have a talent too.

The book is beautifully illustrated by Hogarth Brown, who said:
‘The story of the elephants is truly a universal one, which I believe any child or adult can relate to at any level.’

This inspirational book is meant to help young children with low self-esteem as they often do not recognise their talents. The book helps them by raising their awareness of different personality styles and talents, through fun and adventure with the Ethical Elephants. The book also emphasises the importance of team work by telling the reader that one person cannot be good at everything.

Catherine, whose academic background is in the Social Sciences and is finishing her training as a homeopath, explained:

‘Through identifying with one of the elephants, children will have a reference point to help them focus on and celebrate their unique strengths. It will also help them to understand the wonder of our differences and to recognise the unique, yet different strengths of the people in their lives.’

The book not only helps young children find their talents, it also supports the British charity Aspinall Foundation’s work with elephants. Every copy sold will help feed the elephants at Howletts and Port Lympne wild animal parks in Kent, UK. The Aspinall Foundation, which also has projects in Madagascar, will receive 5% of the net profits from the book.

Kelly Dunworth founder of Conch Press, the publisher of the book, said: ‘Every line of books that we produce is linked to a charity and I’m so glad that with Afindica – The Story of the Ethical Elephants we can support The Aspinall Foundation with the amazing work that they do for rehabilitation and conservation.’

The book is educational, colourful and full of adventures and is likely to make the reader, either young or old, to learn and discover qualities in themselves they did not know they possessed.

Published by: Conch Press

The book supports The Aspinall Foundations work with elephants. 5 per cent of the net profits from the book will be donated to the Foundation’s projects.

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