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Zimbabwe: Engen offers low sulphur-diesel

by / Comments Off / 65 View / 8th December 2014

Engen is the first petroleum company in Zimbabwe to extensively offer the environmental benefits of low-sulphur diesel (designated as 50 parts per million or 50ppm).

The African energy multinational says as the world makes ever greater strides towards a greener future, cleaner fuels will play a big part. “The low sulphur content in Diesel 50ppm will enable lower levels of harmful emissions,” says Cremion Mapfumba, MD of Engen Zimbabwe. “As Africa experiences an economic resurgence, we must embrace progressive fuels that minimise our environmental impact.”

Performance and economy

The Diesel 50ppm cleans engines, improves performance and savings,Mapfumba continues.

“Diesel 50ppm provides clean-up and keep-clean benefits throughout the fuel distribution system, restoring lost performance, improving fuel economy and further reducing exhaust emissions” he explains.

“Engen’s research shows that diesel motorists want quality, performance and fuel economy,” says Mapfumba. “They appreciate the importance of cleaner fuels for their engines and want to keep up with global technology advances.”

New generation

Diesel 50ppm represents the new generation of cleaner fuel that also cleans engines as it restores power, saving motorists money. In tough times, it will deliver the extra bang for buck that motorists are looking for, he concludes.